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Patton Now Shipping 128-port FXS VoIP Gateway


The award-winning SmartNode™ SN4740 High-Density Analog FXS VoIP Gateway from Patton delivers reliable IP telephony for hospitality, apartment, transportation, mining, and campus requirements

SmartNode SN4740 Internet Telephony Product of the Year

"This gateway goes the extra mile.The SN4740 immediately provides dial-tone for a slew of analog phones already installed."

Burton A. Patton
Executive Vice President
Patton Electronics Co.

SmartNode™ VoIP...  More than just talk!

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—US-manufacturer of world-class network equipment since 1981 and creator of the virtual SmartNode (vSN) virtual CPE—is now shipping the generally available 4U version of its SmartNode SN4740 High-Density FXS VoIP Gateway with 128, 96, 72, 64, or 48 FXS ports.

Three Form Factors
The newly available higher port densities come in a 4U enclosure. The 1U and 2U models, offering 16, 25 and 32-port densities, have been shipping since early 2020.

Photo shows SN4740 in 1U, 2U and 4U form factors

SN4740 VOIP gateway in 1U, 2U, and 4U Form Factors

VoIP for campus, MTU/MDU, hotel/motel applications
First announced early 2020, the SN4740 is designed to IP-enable large numbers of analog phones. The product gives hospitality, apartment-building, transportation, mining, and campus operations a quick and easy way to convert their phone system to unified communications (UC) and replace old-fashioned PSTN trunks with a state-of-the-art SIP trunking service.

Extra Mile
“This gateway goes the extra mile,” said Burton A. Patton, Executive Vice President at Patton. “The SN740 immediately provides dial-tone for a slew of analog phones already installed in hotels, apartments, military bases, parking lots, roadways, railways, mining tunnels, campus environments, you-name-it. The FXS lines can reach handsets more than 6 miles away from the installed gateway.”

Six Miles! 
The SN4740 can extend each FXS line up to six miles or more. The device converts analog voice from traditional telephone handsets into a packetized data stream for transmission over a SIP-Trunking service.

Message Waiting…
The SN4740 supports message waiting indication (MWI). Many VoIP products do NOT support MWI. Yet the feature is essential for hotels, motels, multi-tenant-units and multi-dwelling-units (MTU/MDU), and similar business operations.

Double the Power
A redundant power supply is an available option on every SN4740 SKU. For a system designer, integrator, or network engineer selecting a VoIP gateway manufacturer, the redundant power supply makes the decision an easy one.

Cloud Orchestration
Finally, as a SmartNode-brand product, all services can be provisioned, orchestrated, monitored, managed, and scaled up or down—in real time—all from the Patton Cloud.

Related News
In August, Patton introduced the world's first Dante AV encoder and decoder. Last year, Patton won Product of the Year for its virtual CPE, the virtual SmartNode (vSN).

About Patton

Communicating is not always easy.
Patton works hard to make it easier for you to connect. Since 1984 Patton has been producing right-priced, high-quality products and services for the networking and telecom markets. Carrier, enterprise, and industrial networks employ Patton technologies to preserve investments in legacy TDM and serial communications equipment while connecting with state-of-the-art ALL-IP communication technologies.

Patton connects you to the cloud and the Internet of Things by leveraging virtualization, SDN, NFV, and SD-WAN technologies. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Patton’s world-class support team helps you get connected and running for years to come. With decades of technology expertise in  Unified Communications, Network Access, and Network Connectivity, Patton is here for you today. Let’s Connect!

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