All-IP Session Border Controllers
SmartNode SN500 Low Cost eSBC for SME/SOHO | 2x 10/100/1000 up to 30 SIP sessions

The SN500 Patton SmartNode eSBC is the first and only eSBC designed for small/home offices and small to medium enterprises. Supporting 4 to 30 concurrent SIP sessions, this entry-level eSBC provides SIP demarcation, network protection, and call-quality assurance for All-IP business communications. The SN500 is ideal for implementing unified communications, SIP trunking, and cloud/hosted PBX services.

Cloud Enabled This SIP SBC is designed to resolve the complex security, interoperability, and service-quality issues service providers and enterprises face. Patton’s very-low-cost SmartNode™ SN500 eSBC is perfect for delivering high-quality SIP trunk, hosted PBX and UC services for SOHOs and SMEs, especially in Session Border Controller 3CX implementations.

Service providers do not typically own the transport network, so they cannot control the quality of service at the customer premise. That’s where the eSBC comes in:

The SN500 is operated, managed, and administrated by the Patton Cloud, which provides proactive notification of performance issues in the customer network that may impair call quality. Automated alerts allow pre-emptive corrective actions that reduce service downtime and increase customer satisfaction.

SN500 Intro Video
SN500 Quick Start Video

The SN500 is ideal for such applications as SIP trunking and unified communications as as service (UCaaS)—with a cloud/hosted PBX.
SN500 eSBC UCaaS application drawing 

SmartNode SN500 Unified Communications as a Service Application 
SN500 eSBC SIP Trunk application drawing 
SmartNode SN500 SIP Trunking Application 
Installed at the SoHo or SME customer premise, the SN500 provides a clear network separation point (demarc) between the subscriber LAN and the service provider WAN.
In conjunction with the Patton Cloud, the eSBC monitors SIP traffic and call quality, and triggers an e-mail or SMS notification whenever call-quality drops. 

Remote SIP endpoints (phones, computer terminals, etc.) can be easily provisioned, monitored and managed using the Patton Cloud. 

  • SLA Monitoring - Call Quality monitoring ensures service level agreement (SLA) is met at the customer premise. Call data recording (CDR) includes voice-quality information, call duration, codec, and more. Accessible by Web and API (OSS/BSS integration).
  • VoIP Security - Network separation with SIP back-2-back user agent, DoS prevention, trust SIP peer, optional signaling encryption (SIP-TLS), intelligent access control list (ACL).
  • SIP Normalization & Interop - SIP-to-SIP Interworking, normalizes otherwise incompatible vendor-specific SIP implementations. Service demarcation point provides separation between LAN and WAN.
  • SIP Endpoint Management - Endpoint provisioning and operating tools include discovery and remote-access of SIP endpoints, maintaining VoIP service.
  • Easy Management & Provisioning - Patton Cloud network edge orchestration. Automated mass-provisioning with HTTPS delivers secure, zero-touch provisioning. Patton’s cloud-based Web Wizard configuration tool combined with software-image campaign-management ensures efficient large-scale deployments. Free Cloud account required for configuration.
  • Proprietary Software - Proprietary Trinity™ operating system offers added security.
All SN500 models include the following Software Features
  • SIP Registrar up to 3 inbound registrations (beyond 3 requires TSW-REG-S)
  • IP Routing (ACL, NAPT, VLAN)

    Optional at additional charge:
  • more than 3 inbound SIP Registrations (TSW-REG-S)
  • more than 4 simultaneous SIP-SIP calls (SNSW-1B)

  • # Model # Description Availability
    1 SN500/4B/EUI SmartNode eSBC, 4 SIP Sessions no RTP transcoding (SIP b2b UA) upgradeable (max. 30), 3 inbound SIP Registrations incl., 2x Gig Ethernet, external UI power NA/EU (100–240) General Availability

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