All-IP Session Border Controllers
SmartNode SN5600 Session Border Controller | 2 Ethernet ports for up to 1000 SIP to SIP calls

The SmartNode 5600 Series of Enterprise Session Border Controllers (eSBC) supports up to 1,000 SIP-to-SIP calls. Service demarcation is key for high quality and reliable services, even in All-IP networks. State-of-the-art security and quality guaranteed.

Network Integration
Whether used as an Enterprise Session Border Controller or IP router, the SmartNode 5600 provides excellent VoIP, IP QoS, and security features for seamless network integration.

Thanks to the built-in SIP back-to-back user agent, it resolves technology evolution related problems by normalizing SIP traffic from different vendor implementations. In addition, enhanced security is given to the enterprise thanks to various features protecting the LAN infrastructure. Number manipulation and call routing options come standard with every Patton eSBC.

Operated, managed, and administrated through the Patton Cloud, proactive notification of a customer network problem helps reduce service downtime and increase customer satisfaction.

SmartNode 5600 applications

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