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>   How do I use SNMP to kill a user's connection?
>   What are the MFR Version 2 line settings for the 2960 in the US?
>   Why can I not log in as monitor?
>  2960, 2996 New 3.5.1 Code Modem Connection Troubles
>  Do you have an MRTG script for the the box temperature on the 2960 or 2996?
>  Do you have any sample scripts for MRTG?
>  Drivers for Windows 2003 Server for the Dialfire 2977?
>  Has Patton checked their RAS products for the recent SNMP vulnerabilities issued by CERT?
>  How are DSP's allocated?
>  How can I upgrade my RAS (29xx/3120/3125RC)software?
>  How do I change the date on the remote access server?
>  How do I configure SYSLOGD in my Linux box to create a debug log?
>  How do I figure out what the SNMP OID is?
>  How do I find the MAC address of my Patton RAS?
>  How do I recover Factory password?
>  How is the MTU(maximum tranmission unit) determined on a call?
>  How to upgrade your RAS 29xx/3120?
>  Patton DialFire™ Model 2977 AT Commands
>  What are the HTTP/SNMP password protection options?
>  What are the minimum system requirements for a 2977 B4U or B4ST?
>  What is the minimum system requirements for a 2977 PT1/PT2 PE1/PE2?
>  What is the pin-out for the RJ45 to DB-9 converter?
>  What kind of data connections does the 2960 support?
>  What types of High Speed Facilities do the US use?
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