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Virtual Router - Virtualized Enterprise Router or Access Router

What is a virtual access router?

Access router is a sort of shorthand term for an Internet access router or wide area network (WAN) access router. When deployed by an organization this network element is often called an enterprise router, and is traditionally implemented as a dedicated hardware appliance on the subscriber premise. However, the access router functionality may be virtualized. Virtualization means the software is separated or de-coupled, from the customer premise equipment (CPE) hardware. Such virtualization results in a virtualized network function (VNF), which may also be called a software access router or virtual access router.

Virtualization Benefits
Virtualization technology offers several valuable benefits, beginning with touchless, automated service deployment, and activation. Whether virtualized and delivered in the cloud, or downloaded for operation on bare metal virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE), enterprise router capacity (number of connections) can be scaled up or down as needed, or even automated on a schedule based on forecasted demand using cloud-based network-edge orchestration. By removing the limitations of a dedicated hardware appliance, Virtualization technology offers increased reliability and higher network availability.


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Network Orchestration / Edge Orchestration

Intelligent Edge Orchestration for the Intelligent Edge Network : Network Orchestration - Network Orchestration / Edge Orchestration

Network Orchestration

Patton Cloud edge orchestration provides a host of services for network monitoring, network analysis, network troubleshooting, network Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization, network traffic monitoring, and much, much more. Watch the videos below to learn more.

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Edge Orchestration
Whether the virtualized access router is delivered in the cloud or downloaded and installed on a universal CPE (uCPE) at the subscriber premise, Network Edge Orchestration (a.k.a. intelligent edge) is typically required to activate, configure, scale (up or down), monitor and control VNF-based virtualized enterprise-grade router / Internet access router services.

Virtual Access Router Terminology
Short Glossary of Related Acronyms
NFV - Network Function Virtualization
uCPE - Universal CPE
vCPE - Virtual CPE
NFV - Network Function Virtualization
VNF - Virtualized Network Function
SDN - Software Defined Networking
VM - Virtual Machine
CPE - Customer Premise Equipment
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
SaaS - Software as a Service

Common Virtual Router Synonyms and related terms
Virtual Router
Virtual Access Router
Virtual Enterprise Router
Virtual Network Router
Virtual Internet Router
Virtual Internet Access Router
Whitebox CPE
Bare Metal CPE
NFV CPE Virtual Operating System
Virtualization Technology
Virtual System
VMS software
Virtual Network
Hypervisor Cloud Computing
Server Virtualization

Edge CPE Software
SmartNode, VSN
Virtual CPE: Software SBC, IP Access Router and VPN Server
Patton Cloud
Patton Cloud, CSP-C2E
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