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IBM-Certified, Patton’s SmartNode™ VoIP Routers Enrich Lotus Sametime with Advanced Telephony Features


By VoIP-enabling existing phone systems, SmartNode™ streamlines migration to Unified Communications while enriching the Sametime solution with IP-link redundancy for voice and data survivability, intelligent least-cost call-routing, secure IPsec-encrypted voice and QoS.

GAITHERSBURG, MD and BERNE: Patton (USA) and Patton-Inalp (Switzerland) announced today IBM has tested and certified SmartNode™ VoIP gateways, routers and IADs for interoperability with the Lotus Sametime unified communications platform.

SmartNode™ VoIP equipment enables large enterprises to control capital expenses while quickly implementing Unified Communications (UC) by integrating existing PBX phone systems and PSTN connections into IBM’s Lotus Sametime platform.

By removing the seams between email, voicemail, instant messaging, wired and wireless phones while providing presence status, Sametime enables workers to avoid such time wasters as looking up contact information and calling people who aren’t available.

For organizations using traditional analog or digital phone systems, SmartNode™ gateways offer immediate access to the productivity-boosting world of unified communications.

“We’ve got enterprise VoIP covered,” said Ramon Felder, President and COO at Patton-Inalp, ”for any size office, any interface type, any signaling protocol, anywhere in the world. SmartNode enables—and enhances—unified communications. Our award-wining VoIP gateways are highly reputed in the industry for their stability. Once you set it up you can forget about it. SmartNode™ just keeps working.”

Patton’s ASAP™ (any-service-any-port) capabilities deliver any WAN service on every industry-standard telephony interface in use today. Scaling from 2 to 120 concurrent VoIP or fax calls, SmartNode™ supports SIP, H.323, ISDN, and POTS telephony—plus T.38 and SuperG3 FAX—over TDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet services simultaneously.

Most IBM-certified VoIP equipment is less scalable in terms of interface types, port counts, and number of concurrent calls. Yet Swiss engineered and US-manufactured SmartNode is typically lower-in-cost than reliable alternatives.

SmartNode enriches IBM’s Sametime solution with advanced telephony features, including . . .
  • Integrate PSTN trunks and legacy PBX systems into Sametime/Telephony Control Server (TCS)
  • VoIP and data survivability via PSTN access/breakout/fallback and IP link redundancy
  • PBX backup against IP trunk failure to the IBM TCS
  • Secure VPNs with IPsec-encrypted voice
  • Any-to-any least-cost call routing and dial-map planning
  • Routed Internet Access with QoS for toll quality voice
  • Traffic management with voice prioritization
  • Bandwidth protection for critical data via call limiter and PSTN overflow
  • Reliable T.38 and SuperG3 Fax-over-IP

About IBM Lotus Sametime
IBM Lotus® Sametime® software provides integrated real-time communications services—voice, data and video—that make it easy for people to find, reach and collaborate effectively with others. Sametime software's simple user experience—and the ability to invoke it from wherever people work—helps drives adoption. Adoption, in turn, can drive value for the business. Unified communications from IBM and Lotus Sametime reduces costs for travel, telephone plus audio-and Web-conferencing services. Lotus Sametime software enables collaboration across boundaries:
  • Presence-awareness – are you online, your location and specifics, are you available – whether at your desk, home office, or mobile.
  • Security-rich, enterprise-scale instant messaging
  • Online meetings with integrated voice (VoIP) and high-quality desktop video
  • Out-of-the-box integration with IBM Lotus, IBM WebSphere and Microsoft products
  • Open application programming interfaces (APIs) and an extensible client

About Patton
Patton is a multi-national organization that designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for network access, connectivity, voice-over-IP, triple play and video surveillance. Deployed throughout the world in carrierenterprise, and industrial networks, most Patton products are manufactured in the USA. Patton is ISO 9001:2008 certified and markets a catalog of over 1000 products including SmartNode™ VoIP solutions (SIP and H.323) for analog and ISDN telephony; Visuality™ mobile-video surveillance, collection, and intelligence distribution solution, ForeFront™ multi-service access infrastructure solutions for TDM and IP service delivery (T1/E1, G.SHDSL, xDSL, dial-up); IPLink™ CPE solutions for last-mile/local-loop access (WAN routers, modems, remote access servers, NTUs, CSU/DSUs); CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS device servers; EnviroNET™ NEMA4-compliant hardened networking equipment, and a full range of network-connectivity Micro-Products (interface converters, short-range modems, multiplexers, surge protectors). Incorporated in January 1984, Patton Electronics has been doing business for over 26 years.

About SmartNode™ VoIP Router Solutions
Award-winning SmartNode™ equipment delivers state-of-the art VoIP technology that integrates seamlessly with existing analog POTS and digital ISDN infrastructures. Proven interoperability with all major brands of softswitches and IP-PBXs makes it easy for carriers and enterprises to deploy future-proof VoIP systems quickly and profitably today. Tens of thousands of SmartNode™ products are up and running in enterprise networks and carrier deployments worldwide, including one of Europe’s earliest first-line VoIP services.

The SmartNode™ Unified Communication Agent™ (UCA) provides any-to-any multi-path switching (simultaneous SIP, H.323, ISDN, and POTS calls with routing and conversion between TDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet networks—plus T.38 and SuperG3 FAX) combined with dial-backup and IP-link redundancy for VoIP and data survivability. The UCA also provides VoIP-over-VPN security with encrypted voice via IPsec with AES/DES strong encryption and automated keying via Internet Key Exchange (IKE), plus SIP Registrar for presence/reachability.

SmartNode™ preserves all the ISDN telephony features that ISDN users depend on and network operators require (AOC, CLIP, CLIR, UD64, overlap dialing, and fax, as well as MSN and DID). Built on the industry’s most interoperable VoIP platform, the SmartNode™ S-DTA supports ISDN, SIP, H.323, and MGCP/IUA signaling. Patton’s SmartWare™ features touchless auto-provisioning, high reliability, and proven interoperability with all the major-brand softswitches and IP-PBXs.

Scaling from 2 to 120 voice calls, SmartNode™ VoIP gateways, routers, IADs and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) offer every industry-standard interface, including T1/E1, PRI/BRI, FXS/FXO, V.35/X.21, Ethernet, G.SHDSL, ADSL2+, and more, while Patton’s advanced DownStreamQoS™ technology delivers clear, toll-quality voice on every call. For more information about SmartNode™ equipment, go to

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