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Network Orchestration - Intelligent Edge Orchestration or Edge Orchestration
What is network orchestration? Also known as edge orchestration, intelligent edge, or cloud orchestration, the evolving service cluster represents the newest generation of intelligent network-management system (NMS) technologies and capabilities. The edge-orchestration concept, however, runs much broader and deeper than NMS or element management system (EMS), providing far more intelligent, evolved, and numerous capabilities than originally conceived early-on during the technology's development.

Intelligent Edge Orchestration Benefits Extending far beyond basic element management functions, edge orchestration incorporates such network-management tools as automated CPE turn-up, and network service provisioning, and especially, intelligent automated, schedulable, up and down-scaling of network capacity - plus a lot of other stuff-all delivered from a unified, cloud-resident service platform.

The Patton Cloud Edge Orchestration service provide automated subscriber on-boarding and provisioning as part of its full-service, life-cycle orchestration solution


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Virtual Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC)

vSN eSBC - Virtual Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC)


Deliver scalable, flexible, and reliable SIP-trunk or hosted-PBX communications using Patton's virtualized eSBC. This specialized VNF may be implemented on a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud or on bare-metal uCPE hardware a.k.a. white box hardware. The virtual SBC provides LAN-telephony protection, service demarcation, SIP normalization, quality of service, and network survivability for business continuity-all with high availability through virtualized network technology, including cloud-controlled license key management and Patton Cloud edge orchestration.

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Learn more about Edge Orchestration with the Patton Cloud in this introductory video:

Patton Cloud makes conventional element management systems obsolete by delivering virtualized OA&M (Operations, Administration and Management/Maintenance) services.

Recently expanded and enhanced with element status, statistics, faults, alerts, and alarms, all these services can be delivered from the Patton Cloud to technical support.

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Watch this video to learn more about Alerts and Notifications provided in the Patton Cloud:

By layering alerting and alarming onto its edge-orchestration solution, Patton makes the edge even smarter. A smarter edge means near-instantaneous actions and reactions can be performed in response to real-time network events, alerts, traffic patterns and other dynamic data. The Patton Cloud can monitor any parameter of a smart edge device and any aspect of a service that traverses the edge. All the functions and services the cloud provides an be automated, including alerts, alarms, monitoring reports, and network responses to such real-time data - including automatically re-configuring devices and network elements in real time.

By replacing costly NMS, EMS, alarming, monitoring, and network troubleshooting systems with a comprehensive, virtualized network management solution, the Patton Cloud lowers capital expenses and operational overhead otherwise incurred when rolling out and running an All-IP communications or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) offering.

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Network Orchestration Terminology
Short Glossary of Related Acronyms
uCPE - Universal CPE
vCPE - Virtual CPE
CPE - Customer Premise Equipment
QoS - Quality of Service
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
SaaS - Software as a Service
SAS - Service Assurance System
QSA - Quality Service Assurance
TSA - Telecom Service Assurance

Common Edge Orchestration Synonyms and related terms
Edge Orchestration
Network Edge orchestration
Intelligent Edge
Network Management
Network Management System (NMS)
Intelligent Network Management
Element Management System (EMS)
Device Management System (DMS)
Configuration Management
Network Monitoring
Service Scalability
Scalable Service Management
Remote Network Management
Remote Network Monitoring
Virtual Network Management System

Edge CPE Software
SmartNode, VSN
Virtual CPE: Software SBC, IP Access Router and VPN Server
Patton Cloud
Patton Cloud, CSP-C2E
Cloud to Edge Service Plan
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