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>   Do the G.SHDSL products support bridging?
>   How are the G.SHDSL products configured?
>  Adding a default gateway to the RocketLink 3202 management port.
>  Do the G.SHDSL products support Network Address Translations(NAT)?
>  How do I reset my Virata IPLink router (32x1, 3086, 26XX and 215x series)?
>  Must the DiamondLink G.HDSL Routers or 3086 IADs be used in pairs?
>  What are the ethernet capabilities of the 3201,3241 and 3086?
>  What are the interfaces available on the model 3086s?
>  What HDSL standards do the DiamondLink G.HSDSL routers And IpRocketlink IAD use?
>  What is G.SHDSL?
>  What is the 3086 IpRocketLink G.SHDSL IAD?
>  What is the power consumption of the RocketLink Model 3200 Series EFM Modem?
>  What is the primary application for the Model 3086 ipRocketLink?
>  What protocols are supported by the G.SHDSL products?
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