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SmartNode™ Number Portability - Save Money without interrupting revenue

Introducing SmartNode™ 4400 – The Cost Effective IPChannel Bank

Tech Spot: SmartNodes enable Distinctive ringtones  

LocaNet IP Telephony Systems Count on SmartNode™ Media Gateways 

SmartNode™ Price Cut Stimulates Analog VoIP Gateway Market

WHAT YOU MISSED in the previous editions

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July 2009

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the third issue of Patton VoIP News for the SmartNode™ community. In this edition we showcase the new SN4400.

In addition we take a look at how easy SmartNodes make it to achieve number portability thus saving you money and earning you even more valuable customer satisfaction.

Also, we introduce a new section called Tech Spot featuring cool tips and tricks for your favorite SmartNode.

Thanks for reading!
Pranav Desai


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SmartNode™ Number Portability - Save Money without interrupting revenue
by John Wu

Using Internet based telephony service saves companies a lot of money.  Under current economic conditions more than ever, every penny saved is another penny earned. However, losing the old telephone number even for a day means losing all contacts with the existing customer base. This would most certainly translate into a massive revenue loss with customers growing ever so fickle. However, thanks to the venerable SmartNode and new number portability regulations, service provider migrations can be literally seamless.

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Introducing the SmartNode™ 4400 – The Cost Effective IPChannel Bank Solution
by Pranav Desai
SmartNode™ 4400 - IPChannel Bank

A channel bank converts a group of FXS or FXO interfaces to higher speed interfaces. When you need to connect multiple analog/ legacy devices like phones and faxes like those found in a MTU/MDU (Multi Tenant Unit/ Multi Dwelling Unit) facility, to a VoIP network, a generic Multiport FXS/FXO gateway is just not good enough. You need a high  port density channel bank solution which not only aggregates your legacy analog lines but also allows you configurable IP Routing and Quality of Service based on your specific requirements.

 Here are some of the major advantages of using a SN4400 IPChannel bank

  • Enjoy the benefits of using a full fledged IPChannel Bank solution at the costs associated with that of a CPE type device.

  • Migrate your existing legacy infrastructure to VoIP based network thus enjoying higher return on your investment

  • Offers port densities in granular steps of 12, 16, 24 and 32 thus providing you with the solution that best fits your requirement and thus providing the best value in accordance with your deployment requirements

  • Leverage your VoIP offerings with value added services using the configurable IP Routing and Quality of Service functions built in

  • The SmartNode 4400 IP Channel bank is your one stop solution for both Carriers and Enterprises who are looking to deploy a cost effective analog aggregation - IPChannel Bank based solution.

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Tech Spot: SmartNodes enable Distinctive ringtones  
by Danny Staub

Tired of those annoying telemarketing calls trying to somehow get you to spend money on what they have to offer?  How about those phone calls that you answer and only hear dead air? And then there is that certain someone who calls you all the time and you just don't feel like talking to them? 

Well, here is your chance to get alerted it is them calling before you even look at the caller-ID or pick up the phone.  Patton Electronics Co., with its SmartNode Analog FXS Gateway product line, now offers a way for you to do this with its new feature of "Distinctive Ringing". 

With this capability, available in Smartware release R5.T 2009-03-26 or newer, you can configure the SmartNode to be able to use different Distinctive Ringing profiles on either the called-e164, calling-e164 or called-alert-info call-properties.  This means that if get a call from your favorite Mother in-law, your phone will play a ring that only pertains to her, so you will now know right away who it is calling and can make the decision to either pick it up, or let it go to voicemail without having to move an inch!

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LocaNet IP Telephony Systems Count on SmartNode™ Media Gateways 
by Glendon Flowers 

Frank Ochmann
Sr. Technical Consultant

Most Asterisk-based phone systems rely on internal PCI cards (installed within the Asterisk server) to connect to ISDN or analog networks. LocaNet, however, selected SmartNode™ VoIP Routers for deployment as external media gateways. But why?...    icon indicates Adobe PDF fileFind out

According to LocaNet's Frank Ochman, "When comparing the number of ports and port density, the SmartNode media gateway wins almost every time."

Get the full story... 
 • Download the newest Patton RealityCheck® Success Story  icon indicates Adobe PDF file [get it!]  

MORE SmartNode™ VoIP Success Stories...
  • SmartNode™ Delivers IP Telephony for Middle-East Royalty   icon indicates Adobe PDF file [get it!] 
     Patton provided the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi with a VoIP solution for his UK country residence.
  • SmartNode™ Gateway Saves Time, Money, and a Priceless Employee!   icon indicates Adobe PDF file [get it!] 
     VoIP telework solution increases family time while making her more available to customers and employer
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SmartNode™ Price Cut Stimulates Analog VoIP Gateway Market
by Glendon Flowers
SmartNode™ 4118 FXS VoIP Gateway

Reduced pricing on all FXS (what is FXS? icon indicates Adobe PDF file) models of the SmartNode™ 4110 VoIP Gateway Series is effective 1 June 2009.

Expected to stimulate the VoIP market, Patton's lower prices reflect an average decrease of 20 to 40 percent for distributors, resellers and end-user customers. >>Read the press release...

Now your business can afford the stability and interoperability that comes with carrier-quality SmartNode™ VoIP equipment. [read more]

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WHAT YOU MISSED in the previous editions of Patton VoIP News
SmartNode™ Solves Fax & PSTN Issues for SIP Enterprise Phone Systems
How to use SmartNodes and 3CX to solve your Enterprise Telephony and fax needs. This section includes links to 3 video tutorials to get you going immediately
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Introducing SmartNode™ Leased Line over IP Extenders
Introducing the 2290 series leased line extenders. Patton introduces the 2290 just in time to rescue you before your trusted Analog lines are phased out
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How-to: Register SIP phones with your SmartNode
Up to three SIP phones can now be registered on every SmartNode, without the need for an additional license. How do you register a phone? Take these steps... 
[read more]
How-to: Configure SIP trunking on SmartNodes
The trunking registration capability in Patton's SmartWare™ allows each trunking IAD to us a single SIP address... 
[read more]

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