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>   Can I setup multiple VoIP Gateways on a SmartNode?
>   How can the SmartNode be remotely managed when the IP network is down?
>   What TCP & UDP Service Ports do I need to open to my SmartNode?
>  Austria 450Hz Style Tone Set
>  Avaya PBX unresponsive to Patton Smartnode invite
>  Does the ISDN port provide ISDN line power?
>  Does the ISDN port provide ISDN line power?
>  Does the SmartNodes support G.729B?
>  How can I check if the routing tables are loaded successfully?
>  How can I configure load balancing between different call-router interfaces
>  How can I reset a forgotten password on SN4xxx series ?
>  How can I reset the IP adresses of a SmartNode to the factory default?
>  How can the MAC address be displayed from remote?
>  How do I configure the IGMP functionalities ?
>  How do I refresh DynDNS to prevent expiring my dynamic DNS enteries?
>  How does a SmartNode CDR looks like?
>  How many call legs does the SN4XXX/SN5400 Series support
>  How many SIP users can be supported on a SmartNode?
>  How much bandwidth does a VoIP call use?
>  How to change the Payload type when using Transparent Clearmode with Cisco Equipment?
>  How to configure a SmartNode FXS Gateway within 3CX?
>  How to configure a SmartNode if calls does not contain a called party number?
>  How to solve the problem '400 From_tag is required'
>  How to use the configuration Encryption Tool
>  I have two different keys for the same feature on the same SmartNode. Which one is correct?
>  IKE with AES-128 (Side #1)
>  Image.bin for SN4600 Series with BRI interfaces
>  Incomplete entry in routing table
>  Is a reboot required when changing the mode of the ISDN interfaces (net/usr)?
>  Manual Key Tunnel Mode with DES (Side # 1)
>  Manual Key Tunnel Mode with DES (Side # 2)
>  Mapping-Tables in the SmartNode 1k Series
>  Patton SmartNode Channel Bank (FXO/FXS) Telco Cable Color Coding
>  SmartWare - How can I update a SmartNode 4660/70 and SN4970/80/90 in u-boot mode ?
>  SN - How a low bitrate codec is configured on SmartNodes?
>  SN - How can I update a SmartNode 4xxx and SN-DTA in redboot mode ?
>  SN4118 FXS template for Cisco Call Manager, with authentication
>  SN411X/JS SIP terminal gateway template for Cisco Call Manager
>  SN46XX IP-PBX Gateway, SIP Trunk to ISDN PSTN
>  SN5300 Basic Router WEB Wizard
>  SNTP for Australia
>  SNTP for Europe & UK
>  SNTP for Russia
>  SNTP for South Africa
>  SNTP for South America
>  SNTP for USA
>  Supported Cellular Modems with Trinity devices
>  The analog facsimile attached to a terminal adapter (which in turn is connected to a S0 interface of the SmartNode) does not send the called party number. Why?
>  The software download fails in the middle of the process. Why?
>  U-Boot factory config how to for SmartWare
>  U-Boot firmware recovery for Trinity SmartNodes SN49xx, SN49xxA, SN54xx
>  VMWare ESXi and vSN - 'FAILED TO OPEN DEVICE' error message
>  What are FXS & FXO?
>  What are the ADSL VPI and VCI settings in my country
>  What are the different Layer 1 states of the ISDN port?
>  What DHCP options are supported in the SmartNode DHCP client
>  What is the difference between a Gateway and a Gateway/Router?
>  What is the difference between BRI NT and TE?
>  What is the impact of synchronization problem on ISDN Lines
>  What to do when the ISDN link is not stable
>  Which DHCP client options are supported in the SmartNode?
>  Why does a command entered into the CLI does not appear in the 'show running-config'.
>  Why does Ethernet not work when connected a Laptop with PC-Card Ethernet interface to a SmartNode using a crossover cable?
>  Why does my SIP-provider not accept my call ?
>  Why does my SmartNode need a high precision clock and what does it do?
>  Why does the G.SHDSL link not come up (2GS interface card)
>  Why I can't call out to my SIP-provider ?
>  Why the SIP ACk message is not accepted by SN
>  Zoom Phone Configuration Wizard Templates
>  Zoom Phone Configuration Wizard Templates
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