What is an IP PBX? IP PBX is an acronym that stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange. Also known as a voice-over-Internet Protocol PBX (VoIP PBX), an IP PBX is typically deployed by small or mid-sized enterprises to provide a business telephone system. (see What is VoIP?) An IP PBX allows companies to transition from traditional circuit-switched PBX technology to a converged ALL-IP voice-and-data network. An IP-PBX leverages the packet-based (IP) voice network to provide call control for intra-office users on the corporate LAN. For calls with remote/branch office and external users the VoIP PBX also provides access to traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone lines and/or a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service. The IP PBX is a software-based solution, which may be installed on a server, or purchased pre-installed as a network appliance. The term may be also spelled variously as IP-PBX, IP/PBX, or IPPBX.

With a conventional PBX (sometimes called a private automatic branch exchange (PABX), two separate networks are required within the enterprise, one for voice and another for data communications. An IP PBX enables a converged voice and data network, which simplifies network architecture, providing greater efficiency and lower costs for network operations and maintenance. This advanced system design also offers greater flexibility and scalability for a growing enterprise.

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Show Me: VoIP Appliances

IP-PBX Appliance with Unify OpenScape Business for IP-based UC

SmartNode OpenScape Business (SN-OSB) Appliance - IP-PBX Appliance with Unify OpenScape Business for IP-based UC
SmartNode OpenScape Business (SN-OSB) Appliance
Patton's SN-OSB Appliance is an easy to deploy, state-of-the art unified communications solution for SMBs. Unify's award winning OpenScape Business software is factory-installed and ready to use. OpenScape combines the best of the HiPath 3000 IP-PBX with OpenScape Office, and plays well with OpenStage IP phones. SN-OSB provides voice and conference services, voice mail, messaging, mobility, presence functionality and a multimedia contact center-all in a reliable, fully-integrated, convenient "one box" VoIP-PBX solution that offers quick and simple installation and set up.

Open IP-PBX Gateway Appliance Platform for Product Developers

SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA) - Open IP-PBX Gateway Appliance Platform for Product Developers
SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA)
The SNOGA is a convenient "one box" IP-PBX, unified communications, or business phones system solution that opens the door to endless possibilities with customer satisfaction, every time. Patton's SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA) enables industry peers or integrators to install their software of choice, or partner with Patton to create custom OEM solutions.

64-call IP-PBX Appliance with 3CX & Windows 7

SmartNode Branch eXchange IP-PBX Appliance - 64-call IP-PBX Appliance with 3CX & Windows 7
SmartNode Branch eXchange IP-PBX Appliance
This fully-loaded, 64-call IP-PBX appliance is an all-in-one 3CX business phone system made easy. The plug-and-play SNBX VoIP PBX fits any network to deliver unified communications (UC) without breaking the bank.

IP-PBX Appliance with 3CX & Windows 7

SmartNode Branch eXchange with VoIP Gateway - IP-PBX Appliance with 3CX & Windows 7
SmartNode Branch eXchange with VoIP Gateway
Patton's SmartNode Branch Exchange IP-PBX VoIP Gateway Appliance (SNBXGW) is a convenient "one box" VoIP-PBX solution. With the built-in VoIP gateway, the SNBXGW IP-PBX VoIP Gateway Appliance eliminates interoperability obstacles for companies that want to keep their legacy devices and POTS or ISDN lines.
Teach Me: More about IP-PBX or VoIP-PBX Business Phone Systems
The IP PBX is a special case of a network appliance, a specialized computer designed for installation within an electronic communications network. Web servers, cache servers file servers, and security firewalls, for example, can be implemented as general-purpose computers running specialized application software-or as network appliances: digital processing devices dedicated to a single function. A Unified Communications (UC) server is a further development of the IP PBX, which integrates network applications such as email and presence notification with voice calling over the converged network.

VoIP appliance examples include such software-based IP-PBX products as the Patton SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX) IP-PBX appliance and the SmartNode Branch eXchange VoIP Gateway (SNBXGW) VoIP PBX appliance that combines a software-based business phone system with a VoIP media gateway in a one-box SMB voice-communications solution.

IP-PBX, VoIP-PBX & Unified-Communications business phone systems from SmartNode come with the quality, reliability, and stability you expect from Patton's SmartNode brand of VoIP solutions. Patton's VoIP-PBX and IP-PBX appliance portfolio makes it easy for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to deploy future-proof Unified Communications (UC) systems quickly and profitably today.

•  The SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX) IP-PBX appliance combines pre-installed Windows 7 and 3CX phone system (a software-based VoIP PBX) in a single compact package. The SNBX offers trouble-free transition to all-IP communications for SMEs with support for up to 500 SIP endpoints (phones) and up to 128 concurrent calls (64 with transcoding).

•  The SmartNode Branch eXchange with VoIP Gateway (SNBXGW) IP-PBX appliance is a convenient "office-in-a-box" solution. The SNBXGW eliminates the interoperability obstacles for companies that want to keep such legacy equipment as PBXs, phones, fax equipment, and PSTN connections, whether analog POTS analog or digital ISDN. VoIP media gateway options include a range of analog FXS/FXO and/or ISDN BRI/PRI interfaces coupled with an industry-standard mini ITX PC board.

•  The SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA) VoIP PBX and unified communications appliance offers software developers an open hardware platform with an integrated SmartNode VoIP Gateway-ready to support the operating system, IP PBX, or Unified Communications software of your choice.

Typical IP PBX Application for Converged Enterprise Voice and Data

IP PBX Terminology
Short Glossary of Related Acronyms and Terms
IP PBX - Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
PABX - Private Automatic Branch Exchange
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
UC - Unified Communications
VoIP PBX - Voice-over-Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange

Common IP PBX Synonyms
Business Phone System
PBX Appliance
Small Business Phone System
UC Appliance
UC Server
VoIP Appliance


Help Me: IP-PBX Appliances Technical Help

Patton offers an extensive online library of technical information to help you get your SmartNode IP-PBX Appliance up and running in a jiffy. Patton's web-based FAQs, configuration notes, and application notes provide the detailed knowledge you need to install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain your Patton IP-PBX Appliance. These helpful resources are all free right here on www.patton.com. Patton stands behind our high-quality IP-PBX Appliance products-world-renowned for set-it-forget-it reliability and stability-with live email and phone support plus lifetime downloadable software updates absolutely free of charge.
3rd Party Software UC Solutions
SmartNode, SNBX
SmartNode Branch eXchange IP-PBX VoIP Appliance
SmartNode, SNBXGW
SmartNode Branch eXchange with VoIP Gateway
SmartNode, SN-OSB
Unify OpenScape Business Appliance (SN-OSB)
Open Gateway Appliances
SmartNode, SNOGA
SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA) Quad Core 2.0 GHz
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