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Dante AV from Patton and Audinate - The complete 1G networking solution that works like AV-over-IP should. Audinate AV over IP

 Dante AV over IP Webinars and Videos

Patton's ProAV Game Changer: Introducing the Patton FPX6000
AV over IP Webinar: The Ease of Dante, Now for Video (Register to Watch Recorded Webcast)
AV over IP Overview: One Solution for Networked Audio and Video
What is Dante AV?: The Advantages of Networking
Dante Demo: Quality Audio and Video with Routed Essences
Dante Technology: Video Technology Tutorial
CEO Interview: IntoPIX JPEG 2000 talks to Audinate about Dante AV
Product Marketing Interview: Commercial Integrator Interviews Brad Price
Product Review: Church Video School product review.

 AV over IP Press 
Patton made Headline News by making a splash in the AVoIP market with its AV over IP Gateways using Dante Technology. The product provides the ease-of-use, seamless multi-vendor interoperability, and integrated control experience. Newsworthy items include:

  • First ever Dante Audio/Video product to hit the market.
  • Highest image quality of any 1-Gbps solution with JPEG2000 - visually lossless 4K60 with no generational losses when re-encoding.
  • No need for the customer to replace network infrastructure. Dante Audio/Video technology works with already installed, cost-effective 1-Gbps network gear
  • Hassle-free integration with over 3000 existing Dante audio products for customers to complete their systems.
  • Single clock keeps audio and video synchronized, eliminating problems of lip-sync that plague other AV technologies.

 Patton Releases

Patton Spearheads Audinate-Based AV-over-IP Product Development
Patton Introduces World's First Dante AV Encoder and Decoder

 Audinate Releases

Audinate Announces Commercial Availability of Dante AV Module, Patton is One of The First to Adopt
Audinate’s Dante® AV Now Available with New Products From Patton
Updates to Dante Domain Manager for AV Network Management

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 Typical Use-Cases 
The FiberPlex FPX6000 Audio/Video-over-IP (AVoIP) gateway provides 8 audio channels (transmit or receive) and 1 HDMI video channel (transmit or receive) with HDCP 2.3 encryption support. Now you can deliver high-quality 4K video over a 1-Gbps network! Patton's AVoIP solutions support up to 4K60 4:4:4 video. Easily insert AVoIP onto an Ethernet network backbone without suffering the performance issues and management difficulties formerly associated with audio-and-video over IP.

Small House of Worship
Large House of Worship
Zoned Sports Bars
Large Corporate Meeting Rooms
University Lecture Theaters
Zoned Audio + Video Public Address
Stock Exchange Trading Floors
Hospitality Ballroom Events
Stadium Video Distribution
Sports Book / Live Sports

 Video over IP Products

Dante AVoIP Gateways (Encoders and Decoders)
Model Description
FiberPlex, FPX6000High Performance Dante Audio/Video over IP Gateway

Dante/ProAV Ethernet Infrastructure
Model Description
FiberPlex, FP101EBTIndustrial Gigabit Media Converter with 90W (802.3bt) PoE Injector
FiberPlex, FP102EBTIndustrial 10 Gigabit Media Converter with 90W (802.3bt) PoE Injector
FiberPlex, CL141EBTIndustrial Gigabit 90W (802.3bt) PoE Injector
FiberPlex, FP1004EUn-Managed Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch 6 Port 10/100/1000, 4 Copper + 2 x GigE SFP; industrial TD packaging
FiberPlex, FP1005EUn-Managed Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch 6 Port 10/100/1000, 4 Copper + 1 x GigE SFP + 1 x SFP/TX Combo; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP1008EUn-Managed Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch 10 Port 10/100/1000, 8 Copper + 2 x GigE SFP; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP1008EATUn-Managed Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Switch 10 Port, 8 Copper 10/100/1000 + 2 x GigE SFP; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP1108EUn-Managed Industrial 10 Gig Ethernet Switch 10 Port, 8 Copper 10/100/1000 + 2 x 10 GigE SFP; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP2005EBTIndustrial Gigabit Managed 90W PoE++ Switch; 7-Port 10/100/1000, 5 Copper + 2 x GigE SFP; Industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP2008EManaged Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch 10 Port, 8 Copper 10/100/1000 + 2 x GigE SFP; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP2008EABManaged Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Switch 12-Port 30W & 90W 10/100/1000, 8 Copper + 4 x GigE SFP; industrial packaging
FiberPlex, FP2008EATManaged Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Switch 10 Port, 8 Copper 10/100/1000 + 2 x GigE SFP; industrial packaging
CopperLink, CL1100EIndustrial Grade Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet Extender | up to 3300 ft/1005 meters

Related ProAV Transport Products
Model Description
CopperLink, CL1151EDante over Copper 10/100 Extender
FiberPlex, TKIT-DANTEDANTE/AVB Networked Audio over Fiber Extender Kits (2-Pack)
FiberPlex, TKIT-3GSDI Fiber Converter Kits | Extend HD Video over Fiber
FiberPlex, TKIT-HDMIHDMI Fiber Converter Pro-AV Extender Kits (2-Pack)
FiberPlex, TKIT-MADIMADI/AES10 Audio Over Fiber Extender Kits (2-Pack)
FiberPlex, TKIT-SDAnalog Video to Optical Conversion Kit
FiberPlex, FOI-2172Fiber Optic Isolator/Converter/Modem - Unidirectional Composite Video W/ Audio
FiberPlex, FOI-1GBTFiber Optic Isolator/Converter/Modem - 1000BASE-T; mission critical packaging
FiberPlex, TKIT-ETH10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet to Optical Conversion Kit

Dante Certification Program. Please select the Dante AV (Elective)
Adding Dante to Your Network. Download the PDF File.
Advanced Dante Networking. Download the PDF File.
Dante Clock Master Election Flowchart. Download the PDF File.
AV-over-IP delivers safer socially distanced conference rooms. Download the PDF File.

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